Chartered Motor Coaches

56-Passenger Motor Coach


You’ll travel in splendor to your next destination with our 56-

passenger motor coach as you enjoy all the amenities, you’d expect in a luxury transport vehicle, including a bathroom. You have personal climate-control access from your seat, reading lights, reclining seats, 110-volt outlets, direct tv, and Bluetooth and DVD capabilities.

There’s even an onboard PA system for announcements – or sing-a-longs!

You’ll find plenty of leg room for everyone, and you’ll also have room to stow bags and small carry-ons, both overhead and under your seat!

Refreshments are provided for the bus trip portion, but feel free to bring your own!

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44 Passenger Luxury Shuttle Bus

Our 44-passenger luxury shuttle bus is the right choice for groups and clubs wanting to travel together in style. Connect with Bluetooth technology or listen to XM radio. There’s even a bathroom on board. Sit back and relax in tall captain’s chairs with dual armrests and stretch out your legs. You’ll be glad you chose this transportation vehicle.

In addition to accommodating 44 passengers, this luxury shuttle bus can carry 20 pieces of medium-sized luggage – or plenty of shopping bags!

We offer refreshments on every bus ride!